What are POP3 settings in Yandex.Mail?

  1. Set up your email client to read your Yandex.Mail
  2. Enable POP3 on Yandex
  3. Yandex POP3 Settings
  4. How POP3 access to Yandex.Mail works
  5. Yandex.Mail IMAP Settings
  6. Yandex SMTP settings for sending email

Set up your email client to read your Yandex.Mail

You can retrieve email from your Yandex.Mail email account using email clients such as Microsoft Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail. To do this, you need to know the Yandex.Mail POP server settings.

Enable POP3 on Yandex

By default, Yandex enables IMAP support only for new accounts. This is because it is generally the most popular option and saves disk space on your client. To use POP3, you need to enable it.

  1. Open a browser and go to Yandex Mail. Then log in to your account.

  2. Select in your inbox gear icon settings in the top right corner above your email.

  3. In the opened menu, select All settings

  4. You will be directed to the page Institutions † Look at the categories on the left. Select Email Clients

  5. The main part of the window will change to show you two options to enable IMAP and POP3. Select on pop.yandex.com server via POP3 to enable POP3.

  6. After enabling it, you can choose which folders to enable POP support in.

  7. When you’re done, click Saving Changes at the bottom to save settings and enable POP3 for folders.

Yandex POP3 Settings

Yandex.Mail POP server settings for accessing incoming messages in any email program:

  • POP address servers Yandex.Mail servers: pop.yandex.com

  • POP Yandex.Mail user name : your full Yandex.Mail email address (For example, try “@yandex.com” or the domain name you use with your Yandex.Mail account first. If that doesn’t work, just use your username (the part before @yandex.com)

  • POP Yandex.Mail password † Your Yandex.Mail Password

  • Account type: POP3

  • POP Yandex.Mail port 995

  • Requires POP for Yandex.Mail TLS/SSL Yes, select SSL/TLS

  • Necessary STARTTLS for Yandex.Mail: new

Enter them in your email client to connect to the Yandex Mail POP3 server.

How POP3 access to Yandex.Mail works

When using POP3 with an email client such as Thunderbird on your computer, you download messages from Yandex.Mail to folders on your computer. By default, they end up in your inbox unless you set filters with your email client to put messages in a different folder.

When using POP3, Yandex.Mail still stores a copy of the message on its server next to the copy you downloaded. If you delete a message in the email client from your computer, it will not affect messages stored on the Yandex.Mail server. You need to go to the Yandex.Mail web interface if you want to delete messages from your server.

If you want the delete actions performed on your computer’s email client to be mirrored on the Yandex.Mail server, you should use IMAP.Mail access instead. It is available as a capable, easy-to-sync alternative to POP.

Yandex.Mail IMAP Settings

  • Mail server address: imap.yandex.com

  • Connection Security: SSL

  • Port: 993

  • You need your Yandex username and password.

Yandex SMTP settings for sending email

To send e-mail through Yandex.Mail from your e-mail program, you need to know not only the SMTP settings, but also the SMTP settings.

  • Mail server address: smtp.yandex.com

  • Connection Security: SSL

  • Port: 465

  • Read more: Yandex.Mail SMTP Server Settings.

If you need more detailed instructions for different email clients, check out the Yandex support page.

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