What are TikTok’s age restriction errors and how to correct them?

Tik Tok Users are sure to cover up their own set of bugs and issues with the app — including one that says the video has age restrictions for no reason. While Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are already among the major social media platforms, the continued rise of TikTok cannot be ignored. It is one of the two main applications of the App Store, attracting new users and regularly adding more and more resources to keep people engaged. It looks incredible.

Neither TikTok nor any of the other apps mentioned above are perfect. New bugs appeared, random tricks exploded into thin air and they transformed these applications from a fun social platform into annoying and annoying software. TikTok in particular is no stranger to this. The problem facing the user is that your companion page is not working and the follower count is changed to 0. Another known error is the “invalid argument” error which can seem to make something as simple as posting a comment .

Adding to this list is TikTok’s “age restriction” bug. While browsing videos on TikTok, some people find that many of them are worth replaying. At that time the video loaded with an error message, “Video not available. This content is age-restricted. † This message appears for several reasons. Anyone can manually define TikTok Restricted Mode, which helps block inappropriate videos that no one wants to see. But even if you’ve never used Restricted Mode, age-restricted messages may pop up, preventing you from watching the videos you want to watch.

If you have an age restriction error in the TikTok application, you should check again to make sure Restricted Mode is not enabled. What it does:

  • Open the TikTok application.
  • Click the “Profile” button in the lower right corner.
  • Click on the three lines in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on “Configurations and Privacy”.
  • Click “Be digital” in the Content and Activities section.

If “League” is on the Restricted Mode side, tap it and enter the four-digit PIN you created to configure Restricted Mode. After entering your current PIN, you can turn off restriction mode and return to watch any video you want to download. But it seems like everything is in the same place. What should you do if Restricted Mode is defined as “Disabled” and you still receive the age restriction message? In that case, you should contact TikTok customer service and get immediate help. The easiest way is to tweet or send a direct message to Support @TikTok account on twitter. The account is available every day of the week between 8am and 5pm PST.

If TikTok’s support account does not provide an immediate solution, then you should check and wait for the age restriction bug to be corrected. In April 2022 it looks like a mountain of two TikTok users have more age restrictions. A Twitter user tweeted“BRO @tiktok_us I’m 27 so I have an age limit?” someone tweeted, “I went to watch a video someone sent me, but it didn’t click and it appeared. Do you want to say age restriction?! I’m 26 years old, so that could be lmao.” It is worth trying the above steps first to correct the age restriction error, but be prepared to avoid changing settings or contacting support not working Tik Tok Try to correct this error yourself.

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