Modern smartphones are filled with many options. Now their features include not only calls and SMS, but also graphic editors. It is impossible to draw a thin line with a finger. There is not always time to go to the nearest store for a “stick” for drawing. In this article we will tell you how to make a stylus with your own hands.

metal and foil

Basically, smartphones have a capacitive screen. The stylus for this is needed from a material that conducts electricity. Suitable metal or foil.

So, to make a metal stylus, you need:

  • thick spoke, metal pen body, broken antenna or any other base;
  • a piece of thin fabric (for example, nylon);
  • sewing thread, scissors.

Before you start manufacturing, check the conductivity of the future stylus. If the screen reacts to touch, wrap the tip of the stick with a piece of fabric, secure it with threads. This will protect it from scratches.

If the fabric is synthetic, its edges can be burned with a lighter. It will melt slightly, allowing it to attach more firmly to the tip. Trim any excess fabric and thread with scissors.

Didn’t find a suitable pen base? The body of the pen, the pencil or the sushi stick and the sheet will come to replace each other. Wrap it around the tip of the future “feather” and the place where the hand comes into contact with it. Be sure to level the tip, otherwise the screen will not “respond” to touch.

With a damp sponge

Another working option would be to make a stylus with a sponge tip. To prepare:

  • clean sponge;
  • Scotch;
  • foil;
  • plastic bag;
  • any handy stick for the base.

Cut a small piece of soft sponge – no bigger than a fingernail. Wet it well. To prevent moisture from evaporating, wrap tightly with a plastic bag in 3 layers.

Wrap the entire base of the pen with aluminum foil. It is important that it is in contact with the sponge, that is, it goes under the wrapper. Secure the “design” with tape.

This method has a huge advantage, unlike the aluminum tip: the sponge will not scratch the screen.

With a cotton swab

Making a feather from a cotton swab is an analogue of the previous method. However, it is much easier. You only need 2 items:

  • Q-tip;
  • foil.

Completely wrap the stick in foil, leaving a cotton swab. The sheet must touch it.

Lightly moisten the cotton with water, then check the reaction of the screen. If everything works, use such a pen in your work.

If the pen is too small to work, it is uncomfortable, then cut off the cotton tip, insert it into the barrel of a plastic pen wrapped in foil. Secure with tape.

But, unlike the more elaborate version with a damp sponge and a cellophane tip, cotton will dry quickly. It will therefore be necessary to moisten it frequently.

Keep in mind that this method is not safe. It can only be used on smartphones with moisture protection and without screen cracks.

So, by making a stylus yourself, you will not only save time looking for it, but also money. A modern pen will cost an impressive amount.