What do “time of history” and “colheita” mean? Viral reactions to TikTok, explained

Tik Tok Cheio of many jokes and internal memes – including people’s tendency to comment on “history time” and “short” popular videos. Embedding apps like Facebook and Instagram aren’t even the biggest social media apps (and to a great extent), TikTok’s insane popularity cannot be ignored. Under the growing user base, optimal For You algorithm and powerful filtering/editing tools, TikTok will never go away.

As with any popular social media platform, new trends, disappointments and memes are constantly appearing on TikTok. Some of them speak for themselves. For example, before they bought Thanos, TikTok makers were allowed to make videos of things being seized. Other trends — like Brownie Recipe One — are headaches. Sometimes something happens on TikTok with no motive or motive, and that’s part of where the app takes you.

This is TikTok’s “Time of History” case and “short” comments. If you’re tasked with finally commenting on TikTok videos, keep in mind that people are repeatedly commenting on “history time” and “cutting out” without context. It doesn’t matter what video you watch. If someone is dancing or doing a comedy, it shows Fortnite win, or whatever you want. Normally, the comments section is about people saying “history time” and “shortening” with no motive.

Even if the meaning is lost, the “time of history” and “short” comments can be adapted to specific types of videos. The “Storytime” comments first appear in videos of people telling stories about real things (or fictions) that will happen to them. When someone is telling a story and people want a longer explanation about something, onlookers respond to “story time” and tell the creator they want to hear more. The “short” comment speaks for itself. If a TikTok video contains obscene or strange images, posting a “commit” comment is one way of letting the creator know that you want a shot of substance to be removed from the content.

Embora is sejam or the beginning of comments about “time of history” and “short”, they seem to have lost most of their real meaning. In the meantime, they are now being used as spam, flooding the video comment sections with random and annoying messages. Many TikTok users seem skeptical about this trend. Twitter user @wavyemma Twitter, “I am that hour of history, harvest, no tiktok chocolate cake recipe and it is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I will never go.” @yuriruzar I also expressed my abuse with the trend, on Twitter, “I hear tiktok’s comments are now ‘crop’ ‘story time?’ Now I can’t find any really interesting comments :/.”

Unfortunately, these spam comments are not new to TikTok. A trend in July 2020 is for people to repeatedly leave comments on our videos. The recent trend of “brownie recipes” has led people to literally comment on a generic brownie recipe. Comments on ‘Storytime’ and ‘Cropped’ aren’t the first to be inundated with spam Tik Tokand if history repeats itself, they won’t be the last.

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