What Does Buying Musk’s Twitter Mean for Trump’s Social Truth?

The acquisition of Elon Musk is Twitter, approved by the works council for a US$44 billion acquisition price, through radical changes, it must cultivate its vision of freedom of expression on the platform. But what does that mean for Truth Social, an alternative media network created in opposition to other social media giants like Twitter? The Trump Media & Technology Group social media company was founded in 2022 after the approval of several conventional social media platforms by former US President Donald Trump. Trump’s repeated tweets that Twitter denounced as “against the public interest” during the January 6, 2022 uprising in the US capital resulted in the permanent banning of his account. Other suspensions and protests followed on the main platforms, leaving the president no say in what to set up his political campaigns.

The ex-president and businessman responded by promising to set up a professional alternative media network, which will turn to Truth Social. The platform was launched in February 2022, but did not get off to a good start. It’s integrated into Twitter’s user interface in various ways, but doesn’t have the basic user base and refined user experiences that Twitter has been experiencing for over a decade. Truth Social is really hard to access in the first place – there are no web clients and all users who want to access our mobile applications from the network are put on a waiting list. The Trump president did not use the platform as extensively as some other social media giants, such as Twitter and Facebook. Like Musk’s new plan for Twitter, which includes less moderation to protect free speech, Truth leaves Social in an odd place. Who is the platform for?

It’s important to note that, despite Twitter’s new ownership and Musk’s plan to turn it into a private company, Trump has no plans to return to the platform. Meanwhile, Trump is turning to Truth Social, the recommended platform to offer a high-tech alternative. “We host thousands of people and what we find is that answering the TRUTH is much better than being on Twitter.” Trump confirmed in a statement Raposa news† Embora these allegations have been received with conflicting reports of technical issues and low user activity, or Trump’s outside involvement with the platform appears to put it in competition with Twitter. However, he will not be seen in the same way. †No, I don’t see this as a competition for what I do“He said.

The changes Musk plans to make with Twitter won’t create the same vibe of the Truth Social network. In theory, Musk wants to promote a new version of Twitter that will allow as many of his supporters as his critics to continue expressing their opinions without any repercussions. †I hope my poorest critics stay on Twitter because that’s what free speech means,said Musk in one Tweet† The tech giant is credited with any censorship of private companies that falls outside the law of the country — which is the First Amendment of the United Nations Constitution, the United States — contrary to the public interest. †By ‘freedom of speech’ I simply want to say what is in accordance with the law,“Said Musk in Another” Tweet.I am against censorship which will go a long way.

Social Truth doesn’t share the same ideology, at least not in practice. The platform was built as an alternative to social media conglomerates around the world for and for Trump and his supporters. †This is a platform for my voice,“Trump tells Fox News.”VERDADE is a platform for my voice and for my supporters.Just as the alternative media network is functionally similar to Twitter and technologically flawed compared to other social media networks, the only logical reason to enter the platform is to talk to individuals with similar ideas. While the ex-president hopes Social Truth will be widely accepted with bipartisan interests, the idea is irrational in the network’s current state. Twitter Aiming to create a less censored platform for everyone, Truth Social offers a different experience – one where individuals with similar ideas can interact with others on its distinctive networking project.

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