There are two types of cigar lighters. One of them is the Euro format, it is a shorter design, smaller in terms of the entry diameter of the plug. The second was made at the end of the USSR. In all new vehicle models, only euro products are provided, while on classics you can find classic solutions. The problem can be solved very simply, you just need to use the appropriate adapter with a socket.

Using a cigarette lighter on domestic cars

The issue of lighters on domestic cars deserves special attention. For them, you can choose a special transitional element – a splitter, which can fully satisfy the wishes of a potential car owner. The splitters are universal, perfectly suitable for the cigarette lighter of any vehicle. The only point that will show the impossibility of using this separator will be an unsightly appearance.

In particular, the adapter in this case can be quite suitable, but it will hang out, which in itself looks quite inconvenient and will cause some visual discomfort. It is worth being careful with the sockets, because the cigarette lighter may simply burn out, therefore, there may be problems during operation. In the event that a splitter is used, another problem may arise, namely a violation of warranty obligations, which in itself will cause problems when you have to go to the MOT in your car.

Design change

If the car is under warranty, this can also pose a problem in terms of vehicle upgrades. In fact, this will require a change in the design of this car, which in itself will become a real problem for the owner. When the splitter plug fits, it is good and convenient, otherwise, you will have to go the self-sufficiency path and do everything yourself, and the warranty will be violated. An interesting option is to mount a fixed splitter to the right of the center console in the side part, and then connect it by soldering and wires to the native contacts of the cigarette lighter. In this case, the desired result will be obtained.

The problem with household car lighters is the parameters of the tip itself. The tip size of the Lada Grant should be about 1 centimeter in length and 0.6 centimeters in diameter. The problem is that the diameter is smaller, because according to the standards it is equal to 22 millimeters. A quite practical solution would be to use a different body element in order to create a completely new tip visually in the future. But the best option is to contact the specialists at the service station, they will perform all the tasks.