What is a MUX switch on a gaming laptop and do you need it?

Thanks to a dedicated person graphics processor, a good laptop for modern games can run the required AAA games on softboard taxis. To make the gaming experience even better, these laptops also feature some of the best technology components, including super-fast upgrade sheets, powerful multi-core processors and equally powerful cooling systems. That’s why they emphasized the laptops for games, aiming to provide the best opportunities across all platforms.

But any gaming laptop is also a “normal” laptop at the end of the day. Users should be able to perform productivity-related daily tasks even when they are not plugged into an electrical outlet. Meanwhile, battery life is also an important factor for these devices. To easily manage the power efficiency of laptops for gaming, resources such as Nvidia Optimus and AMD computer graphics spring into action. But as the GPUs of both laptops proved to be more powerful, these systems started to turn into a thud during games.

is therefore a multiplex breaker passed to exist. Most modern gaming laptops have medium gamut and high-end MUX interrupters installed. It allows users to optimize their laptops for high battery life or high battery games if needed. In terms of design, MUX switches are physical units that are connected to the motherboard of the laptop. It allows users to manually activate or deactivate the laptop’s integrated GPU. However, as long as the iGPU is locked or broken, it is necessary to reboot the system. But what exactly happens when iGPU is locked/unlocked on a gaming laptop?

Nvidia Optimus and AMD computer graphics work by sending discrete GPU-rendered frames to the iGPU and then to the laptop monitor. However, discrete GPUs are more powerful than iGPUs, making them the ultimate in an instant. As a result, the Nvidia Optimus may not be able to take full advantage of the potential of the laptop’s hidden graphics chip. This method is mainly used to improve the battery life of laptops. Any laptop monitor connected directly to a hidden GPU will drain the battery very quickly. Meanwhile, Optimus offers a small downtime compensation for efficiently rotating the first rendered frames with iGPU.

MUX interrupters solve this problem by giving the user total control. For example, if someone needs a battery with a longer life, they can also turn on the iGPU and increase the efficiency of the laptop. Likewise, if users need to limit maximum performance to games or other productivity tasks, they can turn off the iGPU and let the GPU work discretely with all graphics tasks.

The best way to verify the presence of MUX switches on a gaming laptop is to contact the original manufacturer. Unfortunately, offline and online vendors don’t list support for MUX switches in the laptop specs. Users can also read online reviews from trusted sources to check if a specific laptop has a MUX switch.

The option to alternate the MUX button is available in the custom customization software that comes with every gaming laptop. For example, in the Lenovo Vantage customization application that comes with Legion gaming laptops, users can disable the iGPU by disabling the hybrid mode. Unfortunately, this option requires a system reboot before switching to a discrete GPU. Restarting the system whenever the iGPU is locked or disabled may become an option for some users. Thanks sir, Nvidia Premium Optimus Prime Resolves this switching between iGPU and discrete GPU without requesting a system reset. One notable drawback is that the Advanced Optimus is only available on a very small number of advanced Nvidia-powered gaming laptops.

To buy a new laptop in 2022, it is best to choose a machine that supports the Nvidia Advanced Optimus. However, these laptops are limited in variety and can be quite expensive. Meanwhile, the next best option is a gaming laptop with a MUX switch. Other laptops are supplied graphics processor Increase the risk without overspending. Since SSDs run faster and more efficiently every day, various computer upgrades will likely be minor for most users.

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