What is Microsoft Word for Mac?

  1. How Word for Mac differs from Word for Windows
  2. How Word for Mac differs from Word for Windows
  3. Word in Office 365 vs Word for Mac 2019
  4. How to Get Microsoft Word for Mac OS
  5. Do you need Microsoft Word for Mac?
  6. Can you run Word for Windows on a Mac?
  7. History of Microsoft Word on Mac

How Word for Mac differs from Word for Windows

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that was first released on the Mac in 1985. A word processor differs from text editors like Notes by providing a solid platform with advanced features such as spell checking, embedding objects and charts, inserting images and merging. data from databases. A key feature of Word and other modern word processors is the WYSIWYG “what you see is what you get” interface, which corresponds to the screen and final product printed on the page.

Microsoft Word is the word processing application of choice for most businesses. Similar versions are available for both Mac and Windows computers.

The information in this article applies to Microsoft Word as part of an Office 365 for Mac subscription and Word in Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac with a one-time purchase.

How Word for Mac differs from Word for Windows

While the Mac version of Microsoft Word is basically the same as the Windows version, there are a few differences that can be a stumbling block. The main differences are the lack of Mac integration with SharePoint and Visual Basic. Although Word for Mac supports SharePoint and Visual Basic to some extent, not all aspects of these features are supported.

Microsoft Word for Mac also doesn’t support ActiveX, a technology that’s only for Windows. Microsoft is phasing out ActiveX, but the inability to work with it in Word for Mac can cause problems for users who need this feature.

Other features in Word for Windows that are missing from Word for Mac are Digital Ink with its freestyle drawing tools; Document Inspector, which removes personal information and hidden data from a document; and embedded fonts.

Word in Office 365 vs Word for Mac 2019

Word for Mac is available in two formats: as a monthly subscription or as a one-time software purchase. Microsoft Office for Mac 2019 and Office 365 for Mac subscription includes Word 2019 for Mac.

There are minor cosmetic differences between the two versions of Word for Mac. Although they were released the same month, the new Word icon is only available in the subscription version, while the one-time purchase software largely retains the Metro design interface.

More important than the cosmetic difference is the update status. While the one-time purchase software receives the necessary security updates from Microsoft, it does not take advantage of the new feature updates included in the subscription package. In addition, Word for Office 365 mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

The Word subscription model in Office 365 can be used on multiple computers, tablets, and phones. The one-time purchase version can only be used on one computer.

How to Get Microsoft Word for Mac OS

Microsoft Word for Mac is available on the Mac App Store, both as a standalone app and as part of Office 365, but both require an Office 365 subscription. The easiest way to install Word on your Mac is to download it from the App Store.

You can also sign in to your Microsoft account online and order an Office 365 subscription there.

If you prefer to purchase the software as a one-time purchase as part of Microsoft Office, it is included in Office Home & Student 2019, which is available on the Microsoft website, as well as in stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. †

Do you need Microsoft Word for Mac?

Mac OS comes with a powerful Pages word processor that has a WYSIWYG interface, which allows you to insert images or create charts, and handle small office invoices, student courses, and many other common word processing applications.

Perhaps just as importantly, Pages comes as a free app on your Mac and is part of iCloud. Cloud Pages gives you access to any Mac over the Internet. Pages is also free to download for iPad and iPhone.

Pages is a great Word replacement for students, home use, and the small office, but what if you need to do more? Although Pages includes collaboration features and can be exported to the Word file format, it is not convenient for sharing documents with people who use Microsoft Word. Pages do not come with advanced features such as mail merge and core documents.

If you work for a company that uses Word as a word processing platform, you must use Microsoft Word. If you’re a small business, college student, or need a home word processor, check out the page before investing in Microsoft Word.

Can you run Word for Windows on a Mac?

If you absolutely must use Word for Windows, you don’t have to give up your Mac. You can install Windows on a Mac and you can run a Windows application alongside Mac applications using Parallels software.

Installing Parallels is not a technical problem, but it does not require a lot of technical knowledge to get started. Once you start Windows on your Mac, using Parallels is a breeze. Learn more about installing Windows on your Mac.

History of Microsoft Word on Mac

Although Microsoft Word may seem synonymous with Windows, it was released on the Mac many years before it first appeared on Windows. Despite the sometimes strained relationship between Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft Word has been a staple of the Mac since its early days.

  • 1985: Microsoft releases Word 1.0 for Mac and MS-DOS.

  • 1989: Word 4.0 comes to the Mac as part of Microsoft Office.

  • 1993: Office 4.2 included Word 6. For the first time, Windows and Mac had the same version of Microsoft Word.

  • 2001: Microsoft Word v. X was the first version to support the new Mac OS X

  • 2004: Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac includes Word.

  • 2010: Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 released

  • 2015: Microsoft Word 2016 became available to Office 365 subscribers. Later that year, Microsoft released a one-time version of Office 2016 for Mac that included Word.

  • 2018: Microsoft Word for Mac 2019 was released as part of a one-time purchase of Microsoft Office software and as part of an Office 365 subscription.

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