What is Tesla Robotax? When will it be launched?

to exist from Tesla At a Cyber ​​Rodeo event especially for guests near Austin, Texas, Elon Musk announced a new Tesla Robotaxi that the company is planning for the future. The concept has been explored in scientific fiction for decades, and some are currently being tested. However, the Tesla version will likely be more fun and possibly a more thrilling ride.

Teslas can be rented from many rental car companies, but are usually reserved in advance. Hertz ordered 100,000 cars to allow a few days of hands-on experience from Tesla before buying the car or simply traveling to pick up the most fruit-efficient car. Elon Musk suggested a plan for Tesla owners to participate in a future customer-based travel-sharing program, which will make personal vehicles available to other motorists to manage secondary revenues and lower the cost of ownership.

The idea of ​​Tesla called carona in 2016 is still there, and even before climate changes and maps, investing in certain cars may not be appreciated by many owners. Vehicles specifically for automated taxis could be a more attractive option, which is exactly what Musk is proposing for the future. The Tesla Robotaxi may not look like a modified Tesla Model Y, which would be the faster and easier solution. It’s more likely to have a completely unique look based on the limited information being shared. During this time, Musk was described as “very futuristic.”

Embora “futurist” is the only description of Tesla’s Robotaxi so far, but it could be a behemoth of masquerading as a self-driving car. This means that motorist controls such as the steering wheel and pedals are not required, enabling a fully optimized pedestrian cab design. Tesla’s Cybertruck has also been described as futuristic, so a functional and simplified blade also makes sense for this new car. Something that looks like a small tramcar, but doesn’t necessarily have to be powered by a separate motor, can be a useful support for the overall design of the Robotaxi.

No details have been released on when Tesla’s Robotaxi will go into production, but it could take years. Tesla has not yet started production of the Cybertruck, next-generation Roadster, Semi or Tesla Bot, all with a start in 2023. In a more restrictive form, Tesla’s self-driving software must be available before cars become available. bye, bye The Tesla taxi robot But it is well known that there are other Musk ideas, the need to own a car can be significantly less.

source: Tesla/YouTube

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