What is the best logo design software?

  1. With these programs, you can create a great logo for your business.
  2. inkscape
  3. What do we like?
  4. What we don’t like
  5. Adobe Photoshop
  6. What do we like?
  7. What we don’t like
  8. GIMP
  9. What do we like?
  10. What we don’t like
  11. Adobe Illustrator
  12. What do we like?
  13. What we don’t like
  14. Canvas
  15. What do we like?
  16. What we don’t like
  17. CorelDRAW
  18. What do we like?
  19. What we don’t like
  20. Sothink Logo Maker
  21. What do we like?
  22. What we don’t like
  23. Logo Maker
  24. What do we like?
  25. What we don’t like
  26. LogoYes
  27. What do we like?
  28. What we don’t like
  29. Krita
  30. What do we like?
  31. What we don’t like

With these programs, you can create a great logo for your business.

If you are planning to start a business, you need a logo. Your logo is your business card and the most recognizable part of your brand as a whole. When it comes to starting a business, most entrepreneurs are somewhat lost. These applications are your best choice when creating your own logo. They range from complex and professional to simple web tools that anyone can use, so you’re sure to find something that suits your skills and needs.


What do we like?

  • open source

  • Professional review

  • create something

  • Focused on vector graphics

What we don’t like

  • learning curve

  • Requires some design skill

Inkscape is a fully featured vector graphics editor that focuses on one thing: simple vector graphics like logos. Unlike some of the other professional options on this list, Inkscape doesn’t try to do everything. It aims to enable designers to draw sharp, high-quality logos, icons and vector designs.

While Inkscape has a bit of a learning curve, it is free and open source so you can try it out and learn at your own pace. It’s also widely used, so you can find quality resources to get you started. Inkscape is a top-notch tool that can produce amazing results in the right hands.

Download Inkscape for Windows, Mac or Linux

Adobe Photoshop

What do we like?

  • Super powerful app

  • Loaded with tools

  • create something

  • Huge community and documentation

What we don’t like

  • Steep learning curve

  • High price

  • Not targeting logos

This is Photoshop. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? Interestingly, Photoshop is not really a logo design program. It’s always been more focused on photo editing, but Adobe’s most famous creative program is so comprehensive that it’s capable of just about anything digital imaging has to offer.

Photoshop is another professional tool that comes with a lot of power and great features. Unfortunately, this also means you need to know your path before you can do much. But when you do, there’s no denying that he’s more than capable of producing a great logo.

Buy a subscription to Adobe Photoshop CC


What do we like?

  • open source

  • Create whatever you want

  • Tons of different tools

What we don’t like

  • What learning time

  • Not targeting logos

Maybe you want something similar to Photoshop but don’t like the idea of ​​a hefty price tag or a monthly subscription. Well, that’s where GIMP comes in. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is a popular open source alternative to Photoshop for basic projects, making it a great option for logos.

GIMP requires some knowledge to get started, but it’s a much simpler application than something like Photoshop or Illustrator. It has a fairly basic set of tools that you can use to modify existing images or create your own. GIMP is something like a “jack of all trades”. It can do almost anything, but it’s certainly not the best at everything. However, GIMP can be a great way to get into professional-quality logo design with minimal investment.

Download GIMP for Windows, Mac or Linux

Adobe Illustrator

What do we like?

  • Industry standard

  • Packed with powerful tools

  • Create exactly what you need

What we don’t like

  • Steep learning curve

  • Expensive professional software

If you’re looking for the industry standard in logo design, look no further. It’s pretty hard to avoid Adobe Illustrator in the design world, and for good reason. Adobe has been doing this for a long time and they really set all their standards.

Perhaps the most feature-rich program on this list, Adobe Illustrator has received some of the industry’s best recognitions, resulting in the broadest support and largest communities. Illustrator is also not for beginners. This is an advanced professional tool with a huge professional price tag.

Buy a subscription to Adobe Illustrator CC


What do we like?

  • Super easy to get started

  • Use it everywhere

  • No expensive software

What we don’t like

  • Some features cost money

Fans of the Google Apps Suite and other simple cloud solutions should go no further than Canva. You can create your logo completely in the cloud without installing anything on our computer. Canva makes the process as seamless as possible with plenty of high-quality tools for you to play around with. As an added bonus, Canva is usually free.

Canva offers a huge library of stock photos, shapes, and other design elements to use in your original creations. Many of them are completely free, but some require payment. Don’t worry, they aren’t expensive.


What do we like?

  • Main industry program

  • Lots of tools for designers and illustrators

  • Create whatever you want

What we don’t like

  • Only for professionals

  • cool price tag

CorelDRAW is another major player in graphic design. This illustrative program has been around for a long time and refines the formula into a truly formidable tool. With CorelDraw you are certainly not limited to logos. This is a fully digital illustration application that allows you to create original drawings and adapt them to a simpler logo format.

CorelDRAW is complex and requires some training and practice to become proficient enough to produce quality pieces. If you’re ready, you certainly won’t feel limited. Like other great professional software on this list, CorelDRAW comes with a hefty price tag.

Buy CorelDRAW for Windows or Mac

Sothink Logo Maker

What do we like?

  • Easy to use

  • Tons of templates

  • Color schemes are great for branding

What we don’t like

  • Custom drawing is only available in the Pro version

Sothink Logo Maker is dedicated to empowering companies to create their own logos and branding. Logo Maker has a simple and familiar interface to get you started. It includes hundreds of templates to get you started and tools to adapt them to your brand. Sothink Logo Maker also includes professionally designed color schemes to give you the right look.

There is also a Pro version of Logo Maker that comes with a lot of everything. It has more templates, more color schemes, and more tools so you can make your logo truly yours. Logo Maker Pro lets you freehand draw your own images to create literally anything. Compared to some other options, Logo Maker Pro’s price is more than manageable.

Buy Sothink Logo Maker Pro for Windows

Logo Maker

What do we like?

  • Everything online

  • Simple user-friendly interface

  • Large library of art resources

What we don’t like

  • somewhat restrictive

  • Marketplaces for other services

LogoMaker is an online service for small businesses that allows you to create your own logo in minutes using their collection of fonts, icons, and design resources. You can easily choose the layout, style, colors and most things you want for a company logo with minimal effort.

LogoMaker is completely online and you can get away with creating something at minimal cost. However, they try to sell extras like business cards and domain registration. Depending on where you are with your business, this could be good news.


What do we like?

  • Very easy

  • Lots of easy to find icons

  • Decent customization of colors and layout

What we don’t like

  • Still feeling limited

  • Registration required to receive your logo

LogoYes is another easy way to design your logo online. Web.com is lagging behind LogoYes, so it’s clear their goal is to be the one stop shop for small business owners to build their brand and website. However, you can already leave LogoYes with your own logo for just $1.

LogoYes is insanely easy to use. Choose from hundreds of icons, all categorized in alphabetical order. Then enter the desired text in different fonts. Click and drag for your own custom layout and change the colors of everything in the blink of an eye. It’s very simple, which makes LogoYes a top contender for non-technical and overworked logo designers.


What do we like?

  • open source

  • Powerful tools for art and design

  • Draw whatever you want

What we don’t like

  • Real artistic talent required

  • learning curve

Krita is an unlikely candidate for such a list, but he’s here for good reason. If you’re a true digital artist and looking for a platform to create something completely original for your logo, Krita can play that role and more. Krita is an open source program that aims to compete with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW for free….

Over the years Krita has built a fantastic reputation for trading blows with big industrial dogs and offering a really high quality application that anyone can get their hands on. Since Krita is an open source application, it works well with Inkscape and GIMP, allowing you to create a unique open source workflow for your design. While it’s great for artists, Krita probably isn’t best for business owners who just want a nice logo. Knowing Crete well requires a certain artistic skill.

Download Krita for Windows, Mac or Linux

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