What is the sound of Mars? This is what you can hear on planet Earth

NASA perseverance just recorded new sounds from planet earth, and it’s not just strangers, but I enjoy how the sounds behave differently on Earth MarsPeople are supposed to learn about Mars and other planets through impressive videos and photos and while the images of Mars have taught a lot about humanity, it seems like they are always watching a muddy movie.

From the beginning, when Perseverance was still under construction, scientists knew we had to prepare for the rover’s most important mission – finding life on Mars. However, it is believed that a French-American team is able to understand the planet. As a result, they came forward and installed audio equipment on the rover. So they waited patiently for the voice of Mars to die.

A new study published in nature revealed that the sounds on Mars are very different from those on Earth. The one on planet Earth is slower and then tends to die faster. Mars is also ruled by a deep stillness that can only be disturbed by high winds and climatic storms. Perseverance sounds since February 19, 2021, a day later, everything between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, bringing them onto the human audio spectrum.

At first, the scientists studying Perseverance’s audio samples found the microphone a bit odd. This is the silence of Mars. Also paying attention is NASA’s public sound system, the mechanical click of the Perseverance rover and even the zumbid of the rotors of the Mars helicopter. The strangest thing scientists have discovered is that the speed of the sun on Mars is not constant. High frequencies fade faster, while low frequencies last longer.

The search focuses on the behavior of the sound to simulate when sound waves move through the maritime atmosphere as a medium. On Earth I travel at a speed of 343 meters per second. On Mars, however, it travels from 240 to 250 meters per second, depending on whether it is severe or severe. †All these factors can make it difficult to communicate between two people who are only five meters away.the newspaper says.

The reason why what seems odd to Mars is that its atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide, compared to 0.04% on Earth. This is a very low atmospheric pressure that is 170 times lower than Earth’s. Even now, Perseverance continues to take shape as if it had been over a year. Mars Put the results and the result will last more than five hours in a playlist with sufficient history.

source: nature, NASA

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