What is the Trumpet app and is it real?

If you’ve spent some time on Twitter in the past few days, you’ve probably seen people talking about ‘Trumpet applicationBut what exactly is the Trumpet app? That’s what many people have asked. Trending Topics come and go on Twitter faster than anyone can follow. One minute the whole world is talking about filming an upcoming movie. In the next minute, people are overwhelmed by celebrity drama.

The last few weeks on Twitter have been especially exciting. In early April, Elon Musk bought more than 73 million Twitter shares to acquire a 9.2% stake in the company. After some drama about joining (and after not joining) the Twitter board, Musk offered to buy Twitter for about US$43 billion. Just a few days later, Twitter accepted the deal and set Musk on the path to owning the company and it would be private.

As you can imagine, that’s what I thought loads of of discussion on Twitter, mainly thanks to the increase in tweets from the proposed Musk. Musk’s Twitter page was full of tweets about free speech, extremely skeptical and extremely direct opinions, and rumors that he wanted to buy Coca-Cola. Between all that, Musk also tweeted about the Trumpet app† It seems that ‘Trumpet app’ and ‘#trumpet’ have been going viral on Twitter for a few days now, but what in the world is the Trumpet app in the first place?

Simply put, the Trump app is not a real app. Again, it’s Musk’s way of talking about social truth. It all started when Musk tweeted a screenshot from the App Store showing Truth Social as the #1 free app for iPhone. Musk accompanied the dust catch, saying: “Truth Social currently dominates Twitter and TikTok in the Apple Store.” A tweet from Musk said: “Social Truth (terrible name) exists because Twitter has censored free speech.” And finally, Musk tweeted that Social Truth “Trumpet must be called then!”

That’s all the Trump app is – just kidding that Social Truth is a platform for Donald Trump fans. There’s no real Trumpet app on the App Store or the Play Store because at least there’s no context about what Musk tweeted. It’s just a handful from the master of the memes. It’s all part of Musk’s effort to change free speech on Twitter, a difficult task because of what he’s been tweeting in recent weeks. Still don’t know if Musk will be successful with this goal, but those Tweets are something to follow as at least some of the strategy is included Trumpet application piadas.

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