What to do if Gmail won’t sync?

  1. Relax, you will soon receive your Gmail emails on Android and iOS
  2. What to do if Android Gmail won’t sync?
  3. What To Do When iOS Gmail Not Working
  4. Enable IMAP
  5. Re-add your Gmail account
  6. Reinstall the Gmail app

Relax, you will soon receive your Gmail emails on Android and iOS

If you’re having issues with Gmail, especially when syncing the mobile app with your Gmail account, you may not be able to perform some basic email functions. When you encounter sync issues, you can’t send or receive emails, you can’t open or read new emails, and apps may run slowly. For everything to work properly, you need to sync your Gmail account again.

The instructions in this article apply to mobile devices with Android 9.0, 8.1 or 8.0 and Apple devices with iOS 12 or iOS 11.

What to do if Android Gmail won’t sync?

The most common case of Gmail syncing issues is between the main account and the Android app.

Follow these steps to sync Gmail with your Android device:

  1. Perform a manual sync. To check if the app and your account can be synced, open the Gmail app and swipe down from the top of the screen. If this updates your inbox, use this swipe method to sync your email or set up automatic sync.

    Manually syncing Gmail is useful if you only check it occasionally on one device.

  2. Turn on automatic sync. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Open the app gmail

    2. Click on icon three-line menu

    3. Click Institutions and then tap your account name.

    4. in the title data usage Click Sync Gmail

  3. Make sure you are online. To sync the Gmail app, you need to be online, which requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

    Turn of Flight mode if it is enabled. Airplane mode disables internet and data connections, preventing Gmail from syncing with mobile devices.

  4. Check your password. Go to mail.google.com and sign in. If you’re getting a password error, that’s probably why the app isn’t syncing properly. Change the password on both devices and sync may work again.

  5. Update the app. Downloading the latest version of the Gmail app can fix Gmail syncing issues. Go to the Play Store and click Refresh to make sure Gmail has the latest version.

  6. Clear Gmail app data. To clear saved Gmail files:

    1. Open the app Institutions

    2. Click Applications and notifications or in older versions of android press Applications

    3. Click on the application gmail

    4. Click storage Empty storage space

    5. Confirm the action.

    On Samsung devices, go to Institutions Applications gmail rights storage † † Then click clear data and confirm your choice.

    Clearing app data should not delete emails or content from your Gmail account, only from your local device. However, if you have important emails on this device, make a backup.

  7. Restart your device. Sometimes a restart is necessary for the smartphone or tablet to work properly. To reboot your device, press and hold the power button, then press Reload

What To Do When iOS Gmail Not Working

Sync issues with the official Gmail app on iOS or with Gmail in the Mail app are slightly different. While some of the same steps apply to Android, some solutions only apply to iOS devices.

Enable IMAP

IMAP is the technology that Gmail uses to send email from the email server to your device. It should be enabled by default, but if this changes for any reason, please enable it again.

To enable IMAP on an iOS device:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer (or open your iOS mobile web browser), go to the Gmail home page and sign in.

  2. Click Institutions (gear icon) and select Institutions

    If you open mail.google.com with an iOS browser, you won’t find the gear icon Institutions

  3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  4. Go to section Access to IMAP and select Enable IMAP

  5. Select Saving Changes

Re-add your Gmail account

Sometimes you just have to start over.

To add a Gmail account to an iOS device:

  1. On your iOS device, go to Institutions Passwords and Accounts and click on your Gmail account.

  2. Click Delete your account and confirm by pressing Delete your account again.

  3. Return to screen Passwords and Accounts and press Add Account google

  4. Enter your Gmail account username and password.

Reinstall the Gmail app

Remove the Gmail app from your iOS device. Then go to the iOS App Store, search for gmail and install the app again.

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