The trimmer has long ceased to be a device that can only be found in a beauty salon. Now such a gadget is in many families. Thanks to him, you can trim or even make a simple haircut at home. But most owners do not understand that this device, despite its simplicity, requires timely care and maintenance. The trimmer should be lubricated periodically so that it continues to work perfectly for many years.

When to lubricate the device

It is advisable to clean and lubricate the hair clipper after each use – a maximum of two. If the machine has not been used for a very long time, it must be lubricated before starting the haircut. In advanced situations, too much engine hum is a signal that the lubricant needs to be refreshed. Timely maintenance has a positive effect not only on the service life of the motor, the condition of the knives, but also on the quality of work. Cutting hair is smoother – without biting or jerking.

How to lubricate the device

There are special oils for maintenance. Usually the manufacturer includes it in the kit of a new device, and when it ends, you have to buy a similar one. Special oil is made from the finest petroleum products, which almost completely deprives it of odors. Popular options are Moser and Dewal. You can find other high-quality analogues.

You can replace a special liquid for cars with certain brands of automotive oil. It does not matter mineral or synthetic, the main thing is that the viscosity is minimal. Silicone and petroleum jelly are good. When choosing a silicone analogue, you need to look at the indicated number – the higher it is, the thicker the liquid. For this device, it is better to choose the minimum value. The advantage of silicone grease is its hypoallergenicity. Keep this in mind if there are allergies in the family.

Important! Never pour edible vegetable oil into the hair clipper. This can destroy the device.

How to lubricate the machine

First of all, the device should be cleaned of hairs as much as possible. Ideally, they should not remain at all, otherwise, mixed with lubricant, they can damage the motor of the hair clipper.

When the device is cleaned of debris, you need to wipe the knives with a damp cloth. Then you can apply lubricant. It is best to do this with an oil canister, but if it is not at hand, a medical syringe with a sharpened needle will do. The oil should flow to the point of maximum contact of the friction surfaces, in the middle of the static knife and on the sides.

Now you need to turn on the device for a short timeso that the liquid is distributed on the surfaces. Excess composition is wiped off with a napkin. It is also worth adding oil inside the mechanism. If the structure is not collapsible, then the lid should have special holes through which the liquid is poured.

Timely maintenance of the hair clipper will significantly extend its life – do not forget to lubricate the rubbing surfaces more often.