To keep the garden, field or house in excellent condition, you need special tools and accessories. One of the more liquid options is motokosa. It is able to cope with both small lawns and large bushes or weeds. Let’s see which mower to choose for professional use. Everyone will be able to make a rational choice according to their needs. We will disassemble gasoline lawn mowers, as they are considered the most reliable and convenient.


  • a Professional features of lawn mowers
  • 2 The best manufacturers of professional lawn mowers
    • 2.1 Husqvarna
    • 2.2 echo
    • 2.3 Stihl

Professional features of lawn mowers

The main difference between a professional trimmer is working with large volumes and various plants. They are capable of mowing all kinds of burdock, thick grass and climbing weeds.

Professional lawn mowers include powerful engines, as well as the possibility of long and continuous operation.

Professional Features:

  • Engine power from 2.5 hp;
  • Large fuel tank;
  • The thickness of the fishing line is 2.2 mm, the presence of knives;
  • Large volume of mowed territory;
  • Relatively heavy weight from 9 kg;
  • Non-separable bar;
  • Various handle options.

These indicators help to understand the difference between professional lawn mowers and home mowers.

The best manufacturers of professional lawn mowers


Swedish manufacturer of garden equipment. Products are shipped to 70 countries around the world. The main feature is the combination of high power and low weight. Each model is adapted to its market segment. For example, for Russia, they make more climate-resistant engines.

Husqvarna doesn’t try to satisfy consumers of its products with price, so budget cutters are rare here. However, the price reflects the quality.

Models to watch:

  • Husqvarna 143R-II. Reliable gasoline lawnmower equipped with a high-powered 2-stroke engine. The bar is non-separable, adjustable in height. The main advantages are: low weight, high rotation speed and large capacity fuel tank. Among the shortcomings, the absence of a grass catcher stands out. You can buy at a price of 25,000 rubles.
  • Husqvarna 545RX. Expensive gasoline lawn mower, the cost starts from 55,000 rubles. The model is very similar to the previous version, only better in everything. Equipped with an easy start and an eco-friendly X-Torq engine. There are no significant flaws except the price.

If you want to choose a high-quality, convenient and lightweight gasoline lawn mower, you should pay attention to this manufacturer. However, you must understand that the price of Husqvarna is undemocratic.


Japanese manufacturer of lawn mowers. The company always strives to innovate in its products. The devices are environmentally friendly, compact and unpretentious. Echo devices are available to consumers from all walks of life and with different budgets.

Echo SRM-420ES is a popular model with excellent reviews. It has a large number of advantages: easy start, powerful motor, comfortable grip and practicality. Although the price is high (from 40,000 rubles), it fully reflects the quality of the product.

Summing up, we note that when choosing a lawn mower, real professionals pay attention to the power, practicality and reliability of the mower. Also honored are models equipped with cool features that make work easier.


German manufacturer. Motor scythes are traditionally very productive and reliable. The company focuses on markets around the world. Mowers are very popular in Russia, because Stihl models are suitable for all conditions in the Russian segment. The main advantage is the price, almost everyone will be able to choose the option that suits them.

The FS 350 is a cool mower from Stihl. Ease of starting, reliability and practicality are the main advantages. The disadvantages include a loud noise during operation and a relatively high price (for such a model you have to pay from 35,000 rubles).

Stihl is one of the most popular brushcutters in the world, so it’s definitely worth taking a closer look, even if you don’t have the biggest budget.