The vast majority of music lovers on wheels are convinced that the best enclosure for a subwoofer will be a bass-reflex. However, true connoisseurs do not always choose this type of car audio design, as they prefer to use other options. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular designs will be analyzed, so that even beginners can understand what kind of enclosure is needed for a subwoofer.


  • a closed box
  • 2 Phase inverter
  • 3 band pass
  • four What is better

closed box

A budget option, which nevertheless has many advantages and only one serious drawback. However, let’s first discuss the principle of operation of this type of acoustic design.

The design of such a case is extremely simple, which greatly simplifies the calculations for the volume and its assembly. which, if desired, can be done even at home. In this case, the sound waves gradually fade in an enclosed space, turning into heat energy. It doesn’t generate too much heat, but even such a small amount can significantly affect speaker performance.

To eliminate the negative effect, the boxes (CR) are filled from the inside with a special material in the form of upholstery cotton or polyester, which actively absorbs not only sound, but also heat. In addition, this technique makes it possible to increase the volume of the case by 15 to 20% compared to its real geometric dimensions. As a result, the loudspeaker is not subject to overloads even at maximum sound values.

Let’s go back to the pluses of the SL, among which the following stand out:

  • volume calculation and assembly;
  • compact dimensions;
  • almost complete absence of prerequisites for the occurrence of overloads, which excludes mechanical damage to the speaker;
  • the perfect sound of low frequencies with a competent combination of the parameters of the subwoofer head and the volume of the acoustic design.

The main disadvantage in this case is efficiency. According to this indicator, the ZYa type hull loses to all competitors. At the same time, the sound quality can be described by a popular expression “plays like against the wall”.

Phase inverter

The principle of operation of this type of design is not to completely dampen the sound wave, but to create at its expense a second oscillating circuit, intended to amplify a specific frequency range. This effect is achieved thanks to the diffuser (holes on the body), through which the sound of a certain spectrum “comes” to the listeners.

The main advantages of FI are:

  • high level of efficiency (loud sound);
  • frequency tuning for any music;
  • good voice coil cooling.

Among the shortcomings of this variant, the difficult adjustment, the rather large dimensions of the case and the “fuzzy” bass can be distinguished.

band pass

Another option comes in the form of a bandpass speaker. If competitors of this device only filter higher frequencies, then the bandpass has filters for “lower frequencies”. The advantages of such a box with two compartments and a loudspeaker on the interior partition are:

  • the highest level of efficiency;
  • protection of the subwoofer against external damage;
  • quality bass in the lowest range.

In this case, there are also enough disadvantages from complex calculations and the larger volume at a narrow frequency range.

What is better

In fact, the choice of speaker for a car subwoofer directly depends on the specific tasks. If fans of juicy bass will be tired of a closed box, then fans of rap and club music will be better suited for a phase inverter. Well, the “capricious” band pass will be an ideal option for motorists who want the loudest music in their car and who will not use their vehicle for transporting things and cargo.