Modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with a large number of different nozzles. Not all buyers use them, and some don’t even know their purpose. It is in vain, because the vacuum cleaner facilitates cleaning and provides high-quality cleaning of room dust even in hard-to-reach places. If you also do not know why the vacuum cleaner has so many accessories, this article is for you.

What are vacuum cleaner accessories?

Different types of brushes and nozzles make the cleaning process an exciting experience. The following types of auxiliary items are commonly used for cleaning:

  • for floors and carpets;
  • for upholstered and waxed furniture;
  • special inserts for pillows and mattresses;
  • to remove hair and pet hair from the carpet.

The universal nozzle is convenient for removing dust from rugs, carpets and other coverings. For hard-to-reach places, it is better to use a special extension cord. It does a good job of removing dust from crevices.

For carpet cleaning, special turbo brushes are used. Inside, the air spins the shaft and lifts the smallest particles of debris with microbrushes. So cleaning the carpet is better.

To clean upholstered furniture, a special attachment is used, which is placed on the suction pipe of the vacuum cleaner. For greater efficiency, there may be inserts inside to help remove debris.

For furniture, a specialized nozzle is used. It has soft and long bristles that do not leave scratches on the polished surface. A variation of this attachment is used to clean the floor. The brushes are made of soft natural materials (like horsehair) so they won’t damage polished floors and parquet.

Finally, the brush accessory is used to dust corrugated surfaces, as well as office equipment. It has a rotating head, so it’s convenient for dusting the ends of furniture, children’s toys, cornices, books and decorative moldings. Unusual accessories include:

  • clean radiators;
  • cleaning of coarse waste;
  • clean the siphons;
  • carry out repair work.

For washing vacuum cleaners, special accessories are used: spray nozzles for carpets, upholstered furniture.

What nozzles for a vacuum cleaner can be made with your own hands

Having the right materials at home, you can easily make an insert yourself. The most suitable is a PVC pipe. After cutting a piece of pipe about 15 cm long, make 2 cuts up to 5 cm long on opposite sides. On the side of the cuts, heat the hose over an open fire and pull the heated part over the hose from the vacuum cleaner.

The disadvantage of such a product is that it can evacuate debris.

Also, from improvised materials, you can create a multifunctional accessory, which can remove dust from the most inaccessible places. Obligatory:

  • polypropylene corner with a diameter of 32 mm;
  • cocktail tubes;
  • a piece of polypropylene tube with a diameter of 32 mm;
  • Great glue.

First you need to put a wedge on the end of the vacuum tube. To put it on, you need to heat the corresponding place of the corner. A piece of tubing about 1 cm long should be welded to the corner. Then you need to take a few tubes (so many that they fit well in the pipe and don’t bend at the same time), put them together and coat them with superglue.

You get a kind of brush that is fine in hard-to-reach places, does not suck small objects into the vacuum cleaner.

For cleaning, all the nozzles must be used: the more there are, the more effective the work will be. And having at least a little imagination, you can design your original accessory from improvised materials.