Most drivers watch the fuel level and when the light comes on, they rush to refuel. Experts advise to monitor the readings on the control panel and not wait for such a signal at all. You need to immediately go to the gas station, as soon as the arrow begins to approach “zero”. This article explains why you need to listen to expert advice.


There is an opinion that when driving with a low level of gasoline or diesel, the fuel filter clogs. Drivers believe that a suspension will rise from the bottom, which will negatively affect the quality of the fuel mixture.

Experts warn that this opinion is wrong. If dirt gets into the tank, it will sooner or later settle on the filter, regardless of how full the tank is.

To avoid this problem, it is necessary to control the quality of the contents of the fuel tank, refuel at proven service stations and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, that is, change the filters every 10 to 30,000 cycles.

Pump overheating

The main problem with low fuel level trips is the risk of the pump overheating. If there is too little, the car will be able to move, but the fuel pump will malfunction. It might even burn.

The fuel pump is a device that delivers pressurized fuel to the engine. During operation, it heats up a lot and is completely cooled only when completely immersed in gasoline or diesel.

If there is not enough fuel in the gas tank and its volume is at a minimum, then on bumps, hills and descents, as well as during braking and acceleration, gasoline or diesel will splash at the bottom and begin to enter the pump with pass, that is, with oxygen.

The combination of air and fuel inside the fuel pump is dangerous. In this case, the cooling process will be slowed down, and the mechanisms will be poorly lubricated and will not have time to cool down. At best, this part will overheat, and with an extremely low amount of fuel it will burn out completely.

Experts believe that the main risk of low fuel level is pump failure. The cost of replacing this auto part greatly exceeds the cost of purchasing fuel.

The more care you treat the car, the smoother it will run. Remember to refuel in time with high-quality gasoline or diesel and do not wait for the red light on the panel to light up. If the gas level arrow approaches zero, hurry to the gas station.