Why does Yahoo Mail not keep you logged in?

  1. Learn how to stay signed in to Yahoo Mail on any device.
  2. When to Sign in to Yahoo Mail
  3. Stay signed in to Yahoo Mail
  4. Choose to stay subscribed
  5. Don’t go outside
  6. Do not delete cookies
  7. Don’t use private browsing

Learn how to stay signed in to Yahoo Mail on any device.

Even if the login screen has a checkbox by default Stay in the system Yahoo may still ask you to sign in every time you want to check Yahoo mail. If so, your browser doesn’t store login cookies, which are bits of data that let Yahoo know that you’re back. You can sign in to your Yahoo Mail account by making some changes to your browser’s security settings.

The information in this article generally applies to using Yahoo Mail on any device with any browser.

When to Sign in to Yahoo Mail

The cookie set by your browser when you visit Yahoo Mail applies only to the browser and device you were using at the time of your visit. As long as you visit the login page using the same device and browser, you don’t need to login again. However, if you try to log in using a different device or browser, Yahoo will not find the login cookie, so you will need to enter your username and password.

If you are using the same device and browser and you are still prompted to sign in, someone or someone has deleted a cookie in your browser that you are authorizing automatically.

Stay signed in to Yahoo Mail

There are several ways to prevent your computer from deleting your browser’s cookies, including your Yahoo Mail login information.

Choose to stay subscribed

When you sign in to Yahoo Mail, make sure the checkbox is checked Stay in the system under your references.

Don’t go outside

Don’t click Log out in the box that appears when you select your name at the top of any Yahoo page.

Do not delete cookies

Do not manually clear your browser cookies. Also check your browser settings to make sure they are not set to delete cookies when you close your browser window. If you use browser extensions and antispyware programs that automatically clear your browsing history, consider disabling them or making an exception for the yahoo.com domain.

Don’t use private browsing

To improve your online privacy, you can use your browser’s private browsing feature to visit websites without cookies being stored on your computer. This way, your browser doesn’t keep track of your internet history, instead you have to log into Yahoo Mail every time you visit. Using this feature can often explain why your credentials are not being saved.

Different browsers have different names for the private browsing feature:

  • Google Chrome: Incognito Mode

  • Edge: InPrivate Browsing

  • Internet Explorer: InPrivate Browsing

  • Mozilla Firefox: Private Browsing

  • Safari: Private Browsing

If you don’t want to sign in to Yahoo Mail on every visit, don’t use Private Browsing.

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