Will there be a good iPhone 14? Good Apple Rumors Explained

good rumors maçã Smartphones have been popular for years, but will they actually materialize in 2022 with the iPhone 14 Fold? Not too long, good phones were a tech geek’s fantasy. I have reports and reports from various companies developing good phones, but year after year nothing happened.

Then, in March 2019, Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold. Since then, the goodies have become more popular every year. Samsung in its third-generation Z Fold and Z Flip, Motorola launched two good Razr phones, and companies like Huawei and Oppo have already launched good ones from the US, meanwhile Apple is apparently in a bad race too.

Is Apple planning to relaunch the iPhone 14 Fold this year, given the growing number of bad smartphones and rumors of a bad iPhone? Unfortunately, everything indicates that this is not the case. The latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 will have four models – including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. without expectations We also have the iPhone 14 Fold with us, which means that Apple’s better smartphone can be greatly improved in 2022.

But not everything is new anymore. We should not expect an iPhone 14 Fold, it is assumed that a good iPhone will come later. Some historians suggest that a good iPhone could be launched as early as 2023. Other sources say a bad iPhone won’t be launched until 2024 or 2025. This is different data from reliable sources, so it’s hard to say when Apple will launch.

Even less clear is how it will become a good iPhone. The most obvious result is that Apple’s smartphone will be a similar size to the Galaxy Z Fold – meaning it will have a small external fabric that can be opened to reveal a larger “tablet” fabric. Apple has also created an “iPhone Flip” that looks more like the Galaxy Z Flip. It is likely that both formulas will be launched at some point, but it is not clear which version will be launched first.

As you can see, we know more about the iPhone Fold than we do. It is almost certain that Apple is building a good iPhone that should be launched in the coming years. But how it will be, what specifications there are or how much remains a mystery. We’re sure the iPhone 14 Fold probably won’t come, but when maçã When the iPhone 16 and iPhone 17 arrive, things get crowded.

source: Ming Chi Kuo

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