Do you want to equip your own hammam in a private home, but the prospect of supplying it with electricity badly scares you? Don’t worry, if you follow all the rules and the right approach, the system will work safely and smoothly.


  • a Voltage selection
  • 2 Circuit design
  • 3 Choice of wires and lights
    • 3.1 For a hammam
    • 3.2 Living room, dressing room
  • 4 Which wiring entry to choose

Voltage selection

Installation of wires in a room with high humidity, high temperature, it is important to observe the rules for the installation of electrical installations approved by the Ministry of Energy.

According to the regulations, the first step in the procedure is the choice of the mains voltage. To do this, you need to calculate in advance how many devices will work simultaneously in the room, their consumption.

Depending on the power level, the voltage is:

  • Reduced single-phase – the weakest option. Suitable if the steam room has low ceilings and only lighting lamps are powered by electricity;
  • Single-phase network – for loads up to 14 kW. It is applied to small loads on electricity;
  • Three-phase – allows you to connect devices that together consume up to 40 kW. If the sauna has a “warm floor” system, the heating is powered from the mains, there is a boiler and other powerful devices, it is better to choose this type;

When the voltage level problem is solved, you need to proceed with the design of the electrical circuit.

Circuit design

Before you begin to draw up a scheme, you will need to think in advance about the places where electrical appliances will be installed, determine where the sockets, switches (their number) will be located.

Please note that sockets, switches, junction boxes should not be mounted in the tub itself. They should be placed in the vestibule of the room. The wires must not pass near a fireplace or a stove. The minimum distance from high temperature objects is 80 cm.

It is forbidden to install boilers, convectors and other powerful devices inside the steam room. When designing a circuit, it is important to take into account all the nuances of the location of household appliances.

Choice of wires and lights

When the program is ready, you can start purchasing the necessary materials. You will need to purchase all the required components:

  • sockets;
  • cable;
  • lamps;
  • switches.

For steam rooms it is recommended to use copper wires, lamps with protection. Their brand is determined according to the temperature and humidity of each room. Let us analyze in more detail the principle of choice for the steam room, vestibule, dressing room.

For a hammam

Steam room – a room in which the temperature will reach the maximum limits. Here you should use only heat-resistant copper wires, protected by rubber insulation, heat-resistant fiberglass.

The luminaires must be equipped with a metal housing with earthing. The protection of the glass cover is not less than the IP24 parameter.

Living room, dressing room

In these rooms, as well as in the hallway, energy requirements are reduced. However, no one canceled the regulatory requirements.

For wiring, you need to purchase wires with IP24 protection, and the protective housing of the luminaires can be replaced with organic glass polymer. Power outlets must be fitted with a safety shut-off device to prevent the entry of condensate.

Which wiring entry to choose

There can be two ways to supply a bath with electricity: by air (from the support to the house) or by laying buried.

With the air method, the installation is carried out in a short time, it will require less funds. But there are also disadvantages: weather conditions can negatively affect the condition of the wires (icing, snowfall, high winds), reducing the life of the cable.

When the power supply to the building is underground, the cables are not subject to external influences, the operating time is much longer.

The upcoming difficulties in installing the power supply system of the bath will certainly pay off with the positive emotions that the building will bring to the whole family. Observing the standards, following the above tips, everything will work out as well as possible and will last for more than a dozen years.