Motoblock is a tool that has universal application in any household. It is essential for work related to the mowing of herbaceous vegetation and the harvesting of fodder for livestock. For beginners, certain difficulties arise when working with different types of equipment. After reading this article, every owner of a walk-behind tractor will be convinced that there is nothing complicated in working with it.

Working with a segment mower

If the farm has a segment mower, it is not necessary to purchase a lawn mower. This equipment is ideal for mowing flat ground with identical or homogeneous plants. With its help, you can easily and conveniently mow grass for rabbits.

The segment mower includes the following equipment:

  • picture frames;
  • cutting blade with fixed fingers and movable blades;
  • pull rod.

The sharp edges of the metal blades easily cut the grass. Due to the acute angles at which the blades are installed, a person has to exert much less effort to achieve a result. The machine leaves behind a flat, mowed strip with no gaps.

Advantages of the device:

  • high performance in all weather conditions;
  • relatively small weight;
  • economy and good performance.

The comparative disadvantage of the segment mower is that it is not designed for working on uneven surfaces and for mowing wild perennial vegetation.

Rotary mower

A rotary mower is a structure mounted with a drive designed to spin discs with blades. With these blades you can work on uneven surfaces. The unit’s reliable design provides strength and stability when mowing wild perennial vegetation.

The design of this block gives stability when thick rods and even stones pass under the knife. The mower is driven using the gears of the walk-behind tractor. During the operation of the support wheel, the cutting discs are set in motion, performing mowing. The more cutting devices, the higher the end result will be.

Rotary mowers are suitable for:

  • grazing work;
  • mow the lawn;
  • clean the arable land from weeds.

Working with weeding paws

A walk-behind tractor with weeding lugs is ideal for clearing a garden or other area of ​​weeds, wild grasses. The legs are a fairly solid construction. If you have the right tools, you can easily make them yourself from materials found in every household.

The principle of operation of the weeding legs is simple. Several blades are mounted on the frame (it can also have support wheels). The frame is attached to the block so that the roots of weeds are cut to a maximum depth of 4-5 cm. The tines are easy to install and use, they work the areas cleanly and are able to loosen the soil well.

Using a walk-behind tractor with weeding lugs, you can weed rows of potatoes, mount a plot, plant tubers and harvest.

Before starting work, the coulters must be fixed in the appropriate attachments over a distance equal to the width of the furrows. This will prevent clogging of the legs with weeds and premature cleaning of the device.

Motoblock with different types of mowers perfectly mows any type of vegetation, saves time and effort. Having it, you can replace several types of tools on the farm. The devices in question are not suitable for farms where cattle are raised: this will require large volumes of grass.