YouTube Go for Android Go devices is now closed

google announced YouTube Go in India in 2016 as a special version of the main YouTube app designed for markets where internet connectivity was less than fantastic. Now announce that you are disconnecting from the application. As part of the YouTube Go app, Google also advertises Google Go, Maps Go, Google Assistant Go, and Gallery Go. There is also a file manager application that also works as a backup manager called Files Go (now Files by Google). The popularity of the application has led Google to make it more available to the general public than Android as the backup file manager application for the operating system.

All of these applications are available on Android Go – the simplified version of Android made for resource-constrained phones (2 GB RAM or less). Android Go was launched in 2017 with the first version called Android Oreo (Go Edition). In December 2021, Google announced the Android 12 Go Edition as the most recent launch of the operating system.

YouTube is notifying users of the YouTube Go app that the app will no longer be available from August 2022, six years after launch. Also, more details posted on a support page show that the main YouTube application is better suited to the demographic for which the YouTube Go application is designed. This group is made up of users with low-cost devices in locations where connectivity issues and high data speeds affect the use of the main YouTube application.

The main YouTube application is better because it has more resources. Users can comment, submit their own videos, create a playlist, or even activate the anonymous navigation mode. A black theme is also available in the main application. The YouTube Go application did not have all of these resources, as the main focus was on minimizing the use of data to work with faster networks. Anyone who has installed the YouTube Go app on their phone will be able to use it until August. After that, in fact, they will be received with an initial text with a request message sent to the main YouTube application to begin with.

YouTube confirms that the best practices in the main application can effectively replace YouTube Go on basic devices or on slow networks. google also revealed that it is working on new controls that will help reduce mobile data consumption for users with limited data plans. Also expect the new Android Go devices to launch with the main YouTube app.

Source: Google Support

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