YouTube now lets you block ads for more sensitive topics

google adds several new “sensitive ad categories” to the ad settings hub to help users avoid ads we consider censored on YouTube and Google’s Display Network. The company first introduced the resource in 2020, allowing users to restrict ads related to alcohol and gambling games. This will help the vast majority of people who want to avoid alcohol-related content or gambling, but will leave out many others who want to see fewer ads related to other sensitive categories.

Originally founded in 2005, YouTube was bought by Google a year later. Since then, it has grown into the largest crowdsourced video streaming platform and the second most visited site on the entire internet, logo after the Google proposition. In line with YouTube’s data providers, the platform has more than two billion messaging users who together I collect over a billion hours of video per day. The company already allows users to block ads related to questionable categories, but the extension of the policy will help users block ads in other potentially inconvenient or traumatic situations.

YouTube is expanding the number of “sensitive ad categories” so that users can limit more than the ads they see. The three new categories include homosexuality, weight loss, and pregnancy and paternity. The option to restrict the categories of said ads is available not just on YouTube, but across the entire Google Display Network, which the company claims to be a group of “Over two thousand sites, videos and apps.” In consultation with a communicator (via 9 to 5 Google) by Karin Hennessy, Google Group’s product manager for ad privacy, the new options will make users more transparent and give more control over their experience with ads.

To restrict ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network, sign in to your Google Account and visit the Ads Settings page below.Sensitive ad categories on YouTube‘ Then select the categories you want to restrict and click the ‘button’see lessbutton on the side of it. Keep in mind that this won’t reduce the total number of ads, but will simply replace the ads in the restricted categories with ads from other categories that aren’t necessarily censorship or clunky.

It’s also worth noting that banning certain ad categories will not remove all ads for these products from all ads. For example, Google points out that people who prefer to limit alcohol ads may still see alcohol ads in other ads, such as an airplane ad that features something containing champagne. Users can also view ads in restricted categories while watching videos related to these topics. Likewise, the ability to restrict ads to censored or disruptive categories is a good thing, and google says it will add more categories in the future, depending on user feedback.

Font: 9 to 5 GoogleGoogle (1, 2), Youtube

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